Michelle Shapiro – speaker has cancelled

Michelle Shapiro

Michelle Shapiro – speaker has cancelled



Michelle Shapiro (UK)

Clinical Psychologist
Area of Expertise: NVR – individual but even more so the multi-parent group format. NVR in the context of trauma and NVR intervention in association with direct trauma work. I am also the founder and co-director of one of the NVR training organisations in the United Kingdom.

I worked in a state child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) where we were trained by Haim Omer in the NVR approach in 2005. I have been part of the growth and development of NVR within that service (Oxleas Foundation Trust) and subsequently worked with Peter Jacobs for a couple of years. I then branched out independently, largely to implement my particular focus on the application of NVR. I currently offer direct interventions with individual families and groups; but I am primarily involved in the training of other professionals in the formal implementation of NVR. I offer a 4 day foundation training, which is consistent with the growing trend within the UK to have a foundation training followed by an advanced training. At present I am not offering an advanced training – but this is in the pipeline. I am also the primary UK teacher of Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) a direct trauma therapy approach similar in outcome to EMDR. AIT is being taken up very strongly in the United States and there is a strong evidence base in the offing.


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