Ahimsa Yoga and NVR: an embodiment workshop for NVR practitioners

14 Mai 2021

Ahimsa Yoga and NVR: an embodiment workshop for NVR practitioners

Ahimsa Yoga and NVR: an embodiment workshop for NVR practioniers – opening our bodies and minds to create possibilities… 

Before taking any action, we need to be stable, balanced and settled in ourselves, or our actions will be less than optimum. This is a workshop focussed on the self of the practitioner to inspire and connect with personal strength and creativity.

Himsa means ‚injustice‘ or ‚cruelty‘, but Ahimsa is more than just the absence of Himsa, more than a lack of violence. It means kindness, friendliness, and thoughtful consideration of other people. It also means acting with kindness towards ourselves. This is adopting a considered attitude in every situation and  thinking about our duties and responsibilities. This is the theme of the workshop and we will  fuse simple yoga postures, affirmations and meditation in a  session which aims to stimulate and inspire personal ahimsa, enlivening  your creativity and flow of ideas in support of your ongoing practice of NVR with parents.

In the session we will take time to explore mind-body -breath integration. Feel the power of yoga moving through you and out into the world and the NVR work you are passionate about.

No experience of yoga is necessary.

Wear comfortable clothes  and bring a yoga mat and/or blanket.

Format: Workshop • Focus: Conference Topics – Fear, Trust, Cooperation