Program 2021

From FEAR to TRUST to COOPERATION • 6th International Conference • 13 – 15 MAY 2021 • LINZ, AUSTRIA

Here you can find the NVR2020 program: There will be only minor changes for NVR2021.

More details will follow soon!


Pre-Conference • 13 May 2021

The masterclasses of the Pre-Conference are intended exclusively for participants who are already practicing the principles of New Authority in their work and want to deepen their knowledge. • Exclusively bookable for participants of the conference. Only one masterclass bookable per participant. • Each masterclass is limited to 25 participants. • Individual lunch break depending on speaker.


The Keynotes will be held in English and/or German, but they will be translated.
The Keynotes take place in the keynote blocks during the conference.

Workshops, Presentations, Forum, Marketplace

Our Workshops, Presentations, Forum, Marketplace are divided into three categories:
1. Focus: Conference Topics – Fear, Trust, Cooperation
2. Focus: Methods of NVR and NA
3. Focus: Contexts such as School, Social Pedagogy, Trauma, Dependency

Choose what interests you and sign up for this at the reception desk at the conference.
They will be held in English and/or German, depending on speaker.