Call For Papers

Requirement and guidance for submitting papers

We are delighted to be the official host of the 6th International NVR Conference. Due to the current situation concerning COVID 19 the conference will take place ONLINE.

The theme of the conference is:

How we can overcome fear, trust each other faithfully and cooperate respectfully

Why are we so fearful?
Fear of change, alienation, loss of status and income, fear of closeness, fear of the future, fear of losing our sense of belonging.

On the one hand, fear is a necessary primary feeling that protects us and secures our survival. On the other hand, fear can paralyze us, it can lead us either to make irrational decisions, and even to retreat from the world and other people because we experience it as threatening or to delegate our responsibility to those who noisily promise us simple solutions.

The aim of the conference is to show ways and means off “depriving fear of its breeding ground”. This formulation, which we have taken from the book “Treating Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety: A Guide for Caregivers” by Haim Omer and Eli Lebowitz, concludes that the key point is: How can we take fears seriously, overcome them, prevent tendencies of retreat and isolation and ensure that we open ourselves to others and treat each other with consideration?

In addition the essential question in New Authority and in Non-Violent Resistance will be examined concerning how it is possible to build relationships, form alliances and work together for the implementation of goals in the different contexts. And it is our concern to cover a wide range from family, nursery schools and schools through to possible applications in the community and special areas such as the police, youth work, clinical areas and care of the elderly. And we will also investigate our socio-political mission and how we can get involved and achieve non-violent resistance, where this is necessary and meaningful.

The conference aims to bring together and discuss the conditions necessary for cooperation to enable us to connect with each other in a trusting way, to stand up with respect and resolution for values and issues that are important to us.


We cordially invite you to send us your submissions in the following formats:
Presentation, Forum or Workshop.
Please ensure your contributions relate to the theme of the conference.
All submissions should be sent in English (and if possible also in German).
Submission closed on 14th July 2019


Download Call for Papers:

English: NVR2020_CallForPapers_EN.pdf

Deutsch: NVR2020_CallForPapers_DE.pdf


  • Presentation: Input from an expert on a specific topic followed by discussion.
    Duration: 45 min (30 mins lecture and 15 mins discussion)

  • Forum: 2-3 short presentations regarding the same topic
    Duration: 45 min (10-15 mins presentation)

  • Workshop: A special intervention that will be illustrated with practical examples
    Duration: 90 mins

  • Approx. 70 words summary of the content, approx. 200 words for the detailed description = a total of 270 words maximum
    Font: Arial, 11 point

  • In addition there will be so-called marketplaces: These are exchange forums which are intended as an opportunity for the exchange of experience in a specific subject/area, and also as a platform for discussions about specific questions and themes arising from practical work with NA and NVR. The marketplaces will be moderated by people with practical experience. We will invite everyone who is registered for the conference to send us their specific themes and questions by 31 January 2020.
 Duration: 60 mins

The organisation reserves the right to select or reject submissions according to content and formal criteria.


  • The 6th international NVR conference offers you the special possibility to present yourself and your work. In the tradition of NVR sessions, in Linz we intendent to break even, which is why keynote speakers, chosen by us from the NVR Community, will present free of charge.
  • Our offer to workshop leaders and other experts will receive a reduction of 30% of the charge for the session, if one submission is selected, and 60% if two submissions are chosen.

Ready To Submit Papers?

Submission closed on 14th July 2019

Scientific Committee: Univ-Prof. Dr. Arist von Schlippe, Dr. Barbara Ollefs, Dr. Uri Weinblatt
Organizing Committee: Mag. Stefan Ofner, Mag. Christiane Leimer, Dr. Philip Streit