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The 6th International Conference of NVR is organized by INA – Institute for New Authority and AKJF – Academy Child Youth Family.

INA – Institute for New Authority

In 2011, Stefan Ofner and Hans Steinkellner – inspired by the ideas of Prof. Haim Omer (University of Tel Aviv) – founded the 1st Institute for New Authority in Austria. Since then INA has successfully spread the ideas of non violent resistance and the New Autority in schools, social and health institutions, companies, … and inspires many for a „new“ culture of respectful togetherness.

We are very proud and delighted to be the official host of the 6th International NVR Conference in Linz by the beautiful Danube, Austria, from 20 to 22 May 2020.

Mag. Stefan Ofner
Mag. Christiane Leimer
Heidi Jungbauer


„The new image of authority has very different associations:
of strength, of an anchor, of persistence, of self-control.“
(Haim Omer)

AKJF – Academy Child Youth Family

Read here soon more about the Academy for Child, Youth & Family and Dr. Philip Streit …